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Canadian youth stripped and turned back for STEALING AMERICAN JOBS


Quebec student shaken by U.S. border ordeal - Volunteer Nina Vroemen says she was told she was taking jobs away from Americans

In short: Nina Vroemen, who is 20, signed up for some volunteer aboard program (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), the kind where you exchange free labour for free room and board, Some Place Far Away, it lets young people see the world outside of their town.

Only...the gargoyles at American Immigration decided that because this UnAmerican Foreigner would be exchanging her labour for something, she was stealing jobs from American Citizens. See as how The Man at the border is both executioner and policy maker, they had her strip-searched and sent back.

This is a shameful misuse of power, strip search is meant to find drugs and weapons, which is completely inappropiate here after they have expressed their motive of denying her entry...not for fear that she is bringing harm, but that she'll be Stealing Jobs.
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