Fangirling the Ə since 2006! (glitterfairy25) wrote in ontd_political,
Fangirling the Ə since 2006!

More Take Back Parliament protests: Goes completely ignored by the Media.

Around 500 fair voting system campaigners dressed in purple rallied outside of the houses of Parliament today. They were demanding voting system reform, as they say that the current system does not represent the British people. London, UK. 15/05/10

The protesters demands for voting system based on proportional representation, comes as many of the electorate are unhappy with the results of last week's election which has led to the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government.

Peter Facey from the Take Back Parliament coalition said "we haven't got proportional representation for the House of Commons. We must not let the politicians get away with thinking that it is for them to decide how we should elect our representatives. They must let the public decide."



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