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Weatherman: The Military is Spraying Our Skies

The video below features a weatherman talking about the military using aircraft to spray "chaff". The video has been getting cheers from those of us who look up and notice the spraying of our skies, but it is less likely a rogue weatherman uncovering the big chemtrail mystery and is more likely a script to pacify the masses.

At approx. 1 min into the video, the weather man points out "a bit of an unusual situation" and he describes "bands of very distinct cloud cover" in the region. He reveals those bands are not rain or snow on the radar, but offers a simple explanation; its military aircraft (Oh!) "dropping chaff - small bits of aluminum, sometimes its made of plastic or even metalized paper products." He goes on to stay that its used for "anti-radar" and that the military is "up there practicing" and although they would not confirm that- HE knows because he was in the Marine Corps for many years, and "that's what it is".

All in All it is good that the media is being forced to respond to the many of us pointing people towards the skies, however, the script will pacify some...setting their minds at ease, they are not spraying the skies to poison you...its to protect you.... sit back, relax, Letterman is on next.

Tags: batshit, conspiracy theories/theorists, military, weather

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