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"Men of Good Character"


via Hoyden About Town

In the Northern Territory of Australia, five white men admitted beating an Aboriginal man to death, and the judge declares that this ‘crime is toward the lower end of the scale of seriousness for crimes of manslaughter’ and gives them lenient sentences.

What happened, according to the men’s own telling?

Four of the five men were drinking (the driver was sober), and decided to harass Aboriginal camps. First they drove along a creek bed, screaming abuse and scaring the sleeping people and causing them to flee. One elderly man was missed by a mere metre. Then, they tried a second camp. Then they went back home to get more alcohol and a gun. Then they returned to the first camp, waving the gun. Finally, an Aboriginal man threw a bottle at them and they beat him to death.

And these are, according to the judge, men of good character. And according to the Sydney Morning Herald, what took place was “hooning” and harassment. Hooning, the jolly recreation where men drive their cars too fast. Does that describe it, exactly, SMH?

So basically, these men were out there to cause people to fear for their lives, looking for any excuse for violence, and when they found someone who finally gave them one, they beat the man to death.

This, my friends, is institutional racism, where five white men terrorise several groups of Aboriginal people repeatedly with a car, flourishing a gun, and eventually kill someone.. and the judge still thinks that that the opinions of their friends and employers (most likely given the area also white) are more important than their actions, that they are still good men.

When I heard this news, I was thoroughly enraged and disgusted. I don't know how else to put my rage on this issue.
Tags: australia, race / racism

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