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Vatican Praises MTV for its programs on single mothers

Vatican City .- Thanks to programs that produce about teenage pregnancy and its difficulties, the television channel MTV was praised by the Vatican, he called a "positive surprise" this transmission in a chain known for its liberalism.

Through an article published on the front page of today's edition of the newspaper "L'Osservatore Romano, the apostolic stressed that the new MTV programs tell the stories of young women who become pregnant and decide to have their children.

The document entitled "Those young mums and sweet," signed by Bellieni, gave a brief overview of television productions titled "Moms by-case basis," "Sixteen and pregnant," "Mother adolescent" and "The Secret Life of a Young American" .

Highlighting his scripts, stated that "finally someone says the arrival of a child is not a tragedy, is a sudden, tiredness, a big change, but it is a factual." "The stars of MTV programs have become aware of this reality and gave a positive direction to their lives:" If a child did not want to dance, is a stupid person '", said the article.

He clarified that the protagonists are not religious girls, because many of them remain unmarried, and noted that these programs attack a "modernist phobia: the fear of having children."

He said the programs in question do not drive early relationships, do not lead to superficiality, because in fact explain the harshness of becoming a mother at 18 years, and so without a family.

"MTV programs are well done, while the risk of others who want to be forced to sit edifying is often unrealistic: it looks for happy ending to all things and avoiding certain arguments, but the drama today is that of abortion and motherhood do not talk, "he concluded.

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