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ONTD_Political's PotD: May 23, 2010.

Tennis is serious sport in San Quentin Prison
About 20 inmates — lifers and 'three strikers' — play for the Inside Tennis Team, created by recreation director Don DeNevi, 72. Competition comes from outsiders. The only rule: Resolve all arguments on the court.

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LEFT PHOTO: Henry Montgomery, who has served 23 years in prison for homicide, serves the ball during a match at San Quentin State Prison.

RIGHT PHOTO: Guards stand watch over inmates in San Quentin's recreational yard, which now includes a tennis court.

LEFT: With the task fulfilled of getting a court built in the yard, there's now the matter of keeping the team supplied with rackets and tennis balls.

RIGHT: Razor wire adorns the walls and fences at San Quentin State Prison, which houses more than 5,000 inmates.

LEFT: A San Quentin inmate serves during a tennis game in the middle of the notorious prison's recreation yard.

RIGHT: San Quentin is the state's oldest prison and has a reputation of being one of its toughest.

LEFT: Chris Schuhmacher, 37, has served 10 years in prison for murder in the second degree. Schuhmacher regularly plays tennis with other inmates.

RIGHT: At San Quentin, there's always a fence -- or a set of bars -- to look through.

LEFT: Henry Montgomery, 43, center, laughs with other inmates during a break in play.

RIGHT: Raphael Calix watches the activity on one of the blocks at San Quentin. Calix is a regular on the tennis court.

LEFT: The tennis court at San Quentin is one of the few places in the prison where men of different races regularly mix together.

RIGHT: Inmates congregate in the hall on one of the blocks.

LEFT: Raphael Calix stretches before a tennis match.

RIGHT: Ronnie Mohamed stands in his cell, which was designed for one person but now holds two people because of overcrowding in the state's prison system. On the wall hangs a poster of women's tennis champion Serena Williams.

LEFT: James "Mac" McCartney leaps for a ball.

RIGHT: Razor wire lines the walls of San Quentin, which houses California's death row inmates.

LEFT: James "Mac" McCartney strings up a new net over the tennis court.

RIGHT: James Taylor, a tennis regular, emerges from his cell at San Quentin.

LEFT: Inmates watch a baseball game being played on the field next to the prison's tennis court.

RIGHT: High walls surround the prison, which was built in 1852 overlooking San Francisco Bay.

Rick Loomis | Los Angeles Times
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