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That'll give your highway......er, bees.

Bees Escape Fatal Crash: Truck Was Carrying Up To 17 Million Bees

LAKEVILLE, Minn. — Rescue crews were using fire hoses to douse an angry swarm of bees after a fatal crash that involved a semitrailer carrying about 17 million of the insects.

Authorities say a truck hauling 7,000 bee hives was involved in the four-vehicle crash Monday on Interstate 35 near Lakeville, about 35 miles south of Minneapolis.

Minnesota State Patrol spokesman Lt. Eric Roeske says one person died and another person was airlifted to a hospital.
The hives housed roughly 17 million bees and were bound for Bauer Honey in northwestern Minnesota.

It's unclear how many bees got loose, but several emergency workers were stung. Crews tried to use fire hoses to get them to fly away.
Roeske says all lanes were open by Monday evening.


I know it's totally nine kinds of wrong, but upon originally, reading that headline, my mind immediately lept to thinking of all of the millions of tiny stretchers required for the bees at this accident site.

But seriously.....are bees regularly transported in this method and in such huge numbers??  Wow.

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