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And That Is Why You Don’t Wear A Tee Shirt That Says P***y On It To Court

This is the best news story of the day. From the Huffington Post:

Jennifer LaPenta did not even have to be in court the day she was held in contempt and jailed. The 20-year-old woman had left the gym and accompanied a friend to court when the judge spotted her t-shirt and flipped.

The shirt, which read “I have the p***y, so I make the rules,” was apparently too offensive for Lake County Judge Helen Rozenberg, who “singled her out from the gallery and charged her with contempt of court” in early May.

First of all, I’m already surprised that she wore a shirt that said p***y on it to the gym. Clearly you only wear that shirt to your cousin’s pool party once in 1996 after you buy it at Spencer’s Gifts. But then this woman wore it to court! And then she went to jail while wearing a shirt that says she makes the rules. What a great story.

"I'm just looking to get it off my record," she told the News Sun.

"We as a people are free to express ourselves in words and writing as long it doesn't cause harm," Kalagis told the paper. "What's interesting, too, is that she passed deputies, clerks and court personnel. Nobody told her it was inappropriate, and they're on the lookout for stuff like that."

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