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The Roman Catholic Gaydar is running at full tilt...

I live in Brooklyn, which has one of the more conservative Roman Catholic bishops in the United States. His editorials in the weekly diocesan newspaper about such subjects evolution are the things that make intelligent Catholics cringe. The New York Times has published a large article dealing with the screening of potential priestly candidates in the Roman Catholic church in the wake of the child abuse cases. Because conservative elements in the hierarchy blame the scandal on homosexuality, vocations directors are now asking some tough questions to candidates. Apparently even celibate gay men will be likely barred (although it's claimed individual bishops have leeway to make that decision).

While the Brooklyn archdiocese would not allow seminarians to be interviewed for the New York Times article, the director of vocations the Rev. Kevin J. Sweeney said:

...the new rules were not the order of battle for a witch hunt. “We do not say that homosexuals are bad people,” he said. “And sure, homosexuals have been good priests. But it has to do with our view of marriage,” he said. “A priest can only give his life to the church in the sense that a man gives his life to a female spouse. A homosexual man cannot have the same relationship. It’s not about condemning anybody. It’s about our world view.”

WHhhhhat? I *REALLY* think someone it taking the Biblical metaphor (i.e. the Church is seen as the bride of Christ) a wee bit too literally. It's just absolute insanity. Then there is the very thorny question of several women as being described in the New Testament as Apostles (in the narrow meaning of that word).

EDIT: Interesting thread with an Augustinian seminary student, who takes issue with women apostles and other things.
Tags: catholic church, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, new york times

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