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Fake BP Oil Spill Tweets as Billboards

This isn't exactly news per-se, but it is topical and brings a bit of lightness to an otherwise tragic and bleak situation.

6.01.10 - 3:00PM - by Jay Hathaway

Fake BP Oil Spill Tweets as Billboards

Now that BP's attempt to fix the Gulf Coast oil spill with a "top kill" procedure has failed, the cuttingly funny fake BP Twitter account is more relevant than ever. A blog called I Ride The Harlem Line has designed some of the best tweets from @BPGlobalPR in billboard form. Oh, how I wish these were real billboards in Gulf cities.

Humor for humor's sake is great -- and you know we love the lulz here at Urlesque -- but this oil leak is a serious crisis and we have to hand it to the writer (or writers?) behind @BPGlobalPR for using comedy to draw attention to it.

I've gathered up a handful of the best BP tweet billboards after the jump and Harlem Line says they'll continue to post new ones on their site. Since the latest reports are saying that the leak might not be plugged until August, there should be plenty more fake tweets to work with.

How Convenient!

BP: It's Like Magic!

Huh. I guess I can't. You win this round, BP.

I wouldn't want to taste those rainbows.

Ouch. We can only hope that's not true.

More billboards here.

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