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Gunman kills several [ETA: 12] in west Cumbria (UK)

Gunman kills several in west Cumbria (UK)

click on the image to see a gallery of pictures on the BBC news website

Several people have been killed and others injured after a gunman opened fire in several areas of west Cumbria.

Police are searching for the suspect, named as Derrick Bird, after shots were fired in Whitehaven, Seascale and Egremont.

He is believed to be heading towards the central Lakes area in a grey or silver Picasso, registration ND55 ZFC.

A force spokesman said officers are working to establish the identities of those killed and wounded.

Police were initially called after shots were fired in Duke Street, Whitehaven, at 1035 BST.

A force spokesman said: "We can confirm that a number of people have been injured after shots were fired in the Whitehaven, Seascale and Egremont areas this morning.

"There are a number of fatalities and police are working to identify the individuals and inform relatives. Ambulance crews are in attendance across the area."

People living across central and west Cumbria are being urged to stay indoors and drivers are being warned not to pick up hitchhikers in case the suspect is on foot.
Central Lakes

The Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in west Cumbria has also closed its gates as a safety precaution and afternoon shift workers are being told to stay away until the "risk is reduced".

Anyone who sees Mr Bird, from Rowrah near Frizington, should contact Cumbria Police.

A force spokesman said: "He was last seen heading south in the Central Lakes direction.

"He may have abandoned the car and be proceeding on foot. Armed police are currently working to apprehend him and advising members of the public in West and Central Lakes areas to go indoors and stay there until further notice."


I'm watching coverage on BBC1 (lunchtime news) atm, though if they've not got it on when you see this, any news channel should be covering it. Sounds pretty bad. And if you're anywhere near, keep an eye out for him please and stay safe.

ETA: They've found a body in the last few minutes that they think is his. If you're worried about anyone in the area of the shootings, the number to call is 0800 0960095

ETA 2: Apparently at least 5 dead and up to 25 wounded.

ETA 3: 5:26pm - 12 dead (plus the shooter), 25 wounded so far
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