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Cleveland Clinic doctor reports a possible vaccine to prevent breast cancer

An immunologist at Cleveland Clinic says he believes he has discovered a vaccine that could prevent breast cancer, WKYC reports.

Dr. Vincent Tuohy, who led the research, says 10 months of tests on genetically engineered mice predisposed to breast cancer found that 100% of those not immunized had breast tumors and none of the mice immunized had any.

If tests on humans go well, Tuohy says, he hopes a vaccine for women over 40 could be available in 10 years, WKYC says.

"We think that breast cancer is a completely preventable disease in the same way that polio is completely preventable," Tuohy says, according to WKYC.

An article by Tuohy and fellow researchers in the June edition of Nature Medicine, says such vaccination "may provide safe and effective protection against the development of breast cancer for women in their post–child-bearing, premenopausal years, when lactation is readily avoidable and risk for developing breast cancer is high."

Click here for a more technical discussion of the vaccine in Nature Medicine.

(Posted by Doug Stanglin)


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