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Keith Olbermann layeth the smackdown on Campell Brown

"Lame duck" Campell Brown on Worst List.
Also Beck and Michael Savage added for your enjoyment.

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Keith Olbermann set his sights on former colleague Campbell Brown Tuesday when he listed her as a runner-up in his daily "Worst Person In The World" segment.

Olbermann slammed the departing CNN host for telling The Los Angeles Times that creating a show with "an unbiased perspective" was more difficult to do than creating a show that's part of "the echo chamber." The Times never quoted Brown as calling out Olbermann specifically, but it filled in the blanks.

Despite saying that he "liked" Brown, Olbermann didn't hold back. He called her a "lame duck" host and characterized her recent round of interviews as the "I-Am-A-Martyr-To-Real-News tour":

Olbermann: "I've done the two kinds of news hours that she references by implication, one where you just read what's handed to you and you pretend that both sides -- correct and wrong -- merit equal consideration and you believe that you, and you alone in the world, are objective.

And I've done the news hour where you stick your neck out and tell the echo chamber it's wrong, and you try to get people thinking, and you get death threats in the mail, and dirty looks in the hallway. And trust me, of those two kinds, trying to present an 'unbiased perspective' isn't just easier, it's as easy as rereading the Associated press wire copy.

CNN's 8 o'clock news programs haven't failed because they're competing with opinion and interpretative news programs. They've failed because CNN hasn't figured out that everything it puts on the air is available to everybody who watches all day on the internet and if you don't bring something else to the table, they aren't going to watch!"

Campbell Brown announced her resignation from CNN in mid-May. Citing her distaste for "others' spin" she chose to tell her audience that her departure was due to "the simple fact... that not enough people watch my program."

Olbermann said that he once co-hosted "Weekend TODAY" with Brown.

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Also, correct video has been post. MSNBC and it's trickery.

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