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Hi gang!! It's me, the... um, the nice mod? dammit I need a gimmick. Just a quick heads up about community etiquette. We've talked about this before, but the problem persists.
Do not delete your comments.

It uglifies posts! It makes it hard for us to keep track of alleged rule-breaking! It confuses people! It's just really really bad. If you make an error in spelling/grammar and need to delete it, that's one thing, but if people are jumping on you for a statement and you realize after the first ten comments that you're not in the mood for fighting, you gotta tough it out. If you absolutely need to delete a comment (or post) for some reason - realize you left information that could be traced back to your RL self, or something like that - contact a moderator beforehand.

We've been pretty lenient about this up until recently, but now the profile page has a new and improved warning and you're getting an official mod post and all, so we're going to be cracking down. Punishment for breaking the rule will range from a warning to a ban, depending on the circumstances of the deletion, the prior history of the violator, and the meanness of the mod involved (told you I'm the nice one).

Otherwise, keep on doing what you're doing, ONTD_P. It's been pretty tense in here with the news about the Israel/Gaza situation (MAYBE YOU NOTICED) and we've had a few ~incidents~ but for the most part people have been behaving within the rules. There has even been actual debate! Remember that if you have trouble with anything in the community - getting a post rejected for reasons you don't understand, catching a user behaving badly, whatever - you can head over to ontdp_mods and leave us a note.

We cool? Cool.

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