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Chilean ambassador to Argentina: "The majority of Chile did not feel dictatorship under Pinochet"

The Chilean ambassador to Argentina, Miguel Otero Lathrop, gave an interview to the newspaper Clarin of Argentina in which he referred to the state of Chile during the government of Salvador Allende, their way of life at that time and his thoughts on the country's military dictatorship.

With the statement "the majority of Chile did not feel the Pinochet dictatorship," the ambassador said that people "felt relieved" to move from a situation in which there were no household supplies on the market, noting that Chile was experiencing "a covert civil war on all fronts."

The ambassador said in the interview that fate brought him to perform in the positions he took throughout his life, and at the time of his arrival as ambassador to Argentina, he felt like the Argentine press treated him badly because of his past in the military coup of 1973, meaning that he would have led a mass layoff at the University of Chile.

The diplomat also referred to the years of the Concertacion in power, saying that they continued the military government's economic policy and that the Concertacion "fell when they lost the idealism, the vision of the country" as well as the public office filled for political influence rather than merit or ability.

Source (en Castellano) Translated by me (hopefully decently) from Spanish.
Ugh, so much rage. I don't even...THESE FUCKING PEOPLE.

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