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Pinochet family accuses UDI of betraying their principles

Pinochet family criticizes "disloyalty" of UDI politicians Longuiera, Matthei and Coloma

At last, those who have hidden the truth for decades have begun to speak. The family of Pinochet, who overthrew the constitutional government of Salvador Allende, elected by the Chilean people, now stands neglected and abandoned by the politicians of the Chilean right, who thanks to the coup, became the rich owners of Chile.

"The generation of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) that created and participated in the military government will never raise a leadership with the capacity to reach the presidency," said Rodrigo Garcia Pinochet, grandson of the dictator, via a note posted on his blog entitled "The Cost of Disloyalty."

"The originators of this disloyalty seem not to consider the cost that this attitude will have on their political careers."

"I am referring to the figures of Pablo Longuiera, Juan Antonio Coloma, Patricio Melero, Evelyn Matthei, Víctor Pérez," said part of the text of the grandson who escaped an attack with Pinochet (this is referring to the unsuccessful 1986 assassination attempt against Pinochet)

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter of Augusto Pinochet, and mother of Rodrigo Garcia, Lucia Pinochet, said to the online newspaper Cambio 21, "many leaders of the UDI owe their political careers" to her father.

"The UDI was disloyal to my son and I because when we ran for the elections, we did not receive any political support from them, and many of their leaders owe their political careers to my father," she said.

"My father helped them in their political careers and it was a surprise that they did not support us."

SOURCE (translated again)
Another Chile post, since my last one got a ton of comments xD
As much as it pains me to say this, the Pinochet family is right. The right wing in Chile owes everything to Pinochet and it's pretty hypocritical of them to bite off the hand that fed them, so to speak.

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