the laundry on the hill (schmiss) wrote in ontd_political,
the laundry on the hill

Sweet & Lowden


It's that time again. On today's agenda:

- The runoff re-match between Blanche Lincoln and Bill Halter for Senate (Dem) in Arkansas

- Nikki Haley vs Andre Bauer vs some other people for Governor (GOP) in South Carolina (this could go to runoff)

- Sue Lowden vs Sharron Angle vs Danny Tarkanian for Senate (GOP) in Nevada

- Carly Fiorina vs Tom Campbell vs Chuck DeVore for Senate (GOP) and Meg Whitman vs Steve Poizner for Governor (GOP) in California - where, yes, Orly Taitz is on the ballot for Secretary of State (GOP) and might actually get the nod

Other votes today:

South Carolina GOP Rep. Bob Inglis, a rather libertarian Republican, facing a primary
Nevada GOP Governor Jim Gibbons, accused of abuse and corruption, also facing a primary
California Democratic Governor primary (Jerry Brown will probably win this one)
California Democratic Lt. Gov primary pitting perennial ONTD_P favorite Gavin Newsom vs Janice Hahn
California Proposition 14 to change the primaries into a non-partisan "blanket" system (explained here)
Iowa GOP Governor primary (Terry Branstad will probably win this one)
Virginia GOP primary in the 5th district to determine who goes against Tom Perriello

Will Halter avenge the death of the public option at Lincoln's hands?

Will the ascendance of an adulterous raghead cause Jake Knotts's fat ruddy head to explode?

Is Sue Lowden's shot at the Senate totally plucked (tm TPM)?

Will the Birther Queen be a thorn in Fiorina and Whitman's sides until November?

Stay tuned for... PRIMARY NIGHT 2!!!!!!
Tags: !live post, arkansas, birthers, california, carly fiorina, conspiracy theories/theorists, gavin newsom, iowa, nevada, nikki haley, south carolina, virginia

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