Not a terrorist (thebigbadbutch) wrote in ontd_political,
Not a terrorist

Teacher Fired for Becoming Pregnant Out of Wedlock


Woman Conceived Just Days Before Wedding, but School Fired Her for 'Fornication'

When Jarretta Hamilton, a fourth grade teacher at a Florida Christian school, told administrators she was pregnant, she expected them to ask when she was due. She did not, however, think her answer would get her fired.

In April 2009, Hamilton told her boss at Southland Christian School in St. Cloud, Fla., that she was pregnant and planned to take a six-week leave in October. When asked when she conceived , Hamilton answered honestly: She became pregnant just three weeks prior to her Feb. 20 wedding.More holy WTF beneath the cutCollapse )
Tags: discrimination, family values, florida, religion, wtf

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