The Analyzer (acmeeoy) wrote in ontd_political,
The Analyzer

We Hate When You Defend Yourself

Liberals hate Jews even more when they defend themselves and they blame that defense for their hatred . You can't win for losing with liberal bigots.

The underlying narrative of just about every liberal attack on Israel has been this. Defending yourself only makes us hate you more.

This cynical sleight of hand is of course an old trick used by bigots to inhibit their targets from daring to fight back. And liberals have made it their weapon of choice when going after Jews and Israel.

The tactic works by criminalizing any attempt at a defense by the target, and making the defense itself part of the indictment. The goal is to impose a Catch 22 framework on Jews with the only way out being to agree and participate in the indictment of Israel. The defense itself is then incorporated into the bigot's narrative. 

A hundred years ago, Jews would be charged with being "Pushy" and any defense against pushiness would itself be construed as pushy. Thus attempting to defend yourself would itself be an indictment proving the case already made against you. Similarly Israel is charged with defending itself too strongly. Anytime Israel defends itself in any way, it is automatically then proven guilty of defending itself. Liberal bigotry against Israel is not simply a charge immune to any defense, it is a charge which incorporates any defense as proof of the truth of the original accusation. Self-defense itself becomes the crime.

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Got this sent to me and felt it'd be cathartic to send it here.
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