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let the backpeadaling begin

Controversy continues over the interview where the brother of the president compared Allende to Hitler

It was enough that the minister of the Interior declared his outrage against Piñera's words, so much that Jose Pinera reacted by demanding a public apology, calling for his resignation, calling him a liar and even questioning his work in the fight against crime. All this through the social network. The former Labour Minister during the dictatorship also said he never gave an "exclusive interview" to the Argentine newspaper Perfil. According to him, he just answered a question which was asked via Twitter.

A strong backlash against the Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, launched via the twitter of Jose Pinera, after the minister described the statements of the brother of Sebastian Pinera, published in the Argentine newspaper Perfil, in which he compared Salvador Allende to Adolf Hitler.

"It seems inconceivable, really I can not accept, I find it reputiable and completely reprehensible that someone compared the government of former President Salvador Allende to the murderous regime of Adolf Hitler," said the minister of the Interior to Radio Cooperativa. And that was enough for the former Labour minister of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet to speak against the Interior Minister.

Through the same social network, Jose Pinera denied having given an "exclusive" interview to the newspaper Perfil and said he had only answered a question via Twitter. Furthermore, Pinera branded Hinzpeter a "liar" and posted a series of questions about his suitibility as Interior minister and demanded a public apology, saying otherwise he should resign.

"Hinzpeter lies. In a manner so brutal and irresponsible. It compromises the faith of the Republic and drags down the president. Today should apologize or resign," he said, continuing his attacks during the day, which he also brought into question the adequacy of Hinzpeter to face the fight against crime.

"As Hinzpeter does not apologize, refute his lie because the country must understand in whose hands the crucial battle against crime is in," adding that, "as Interior minister, Hinzpeter handles classified information provided by the state on every single Chilean."

Finally, he insisted that, "Yesterday Hinzpeter attacked a deputy. Today me. And tomorrow? Is the President himself safe? Are the congressmen? Are the journalists? Are the businessmen?"

Controversy Comparison

About the comparison that ignited the controversy,
Jose Pinera emphasized that "Hinzpeter lies, I have not compared Allende to Hitler or anyone else. Never compare people. Every complex is dignified and unique.

However, his statements about the coup in 1973 were published by the Argentine media and are available in his own postings on Twitter last Saturday.

He first stated that "Who from power violates the Constitution of a country gives a blow to the democratic system and becomes a tyrant" , and then said the famous case of the story was "Hitler called enabling law of March 23, 1933. Democratically elected, becomes tyrant "

And he finally said "Unfortunately, the current Constitution in Chile 73 (1925) it was nearly impossible to remove a violator of the Constitution and the law."

SOURCE (translated by me)

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Also, Hinzpeter (the Interior minister that criticized Pinera's statements) is Jewish s0o0o0o. And :D :D :D at my music choice.
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