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A Very Important Message From The ~Troll Mod~:


From now on, you are not allowed to post to ONTD_P using Zemata and other reblogging apps/websites.

This is the most recent example what is now banned. Notice the orange link on the bottom right hand corner of the post? That's what we don't want to see in future posts. Here's the answers to most of your questions about this in FAQ format:

What is Zemata?:
Zemata is a Firefox and Chrome extension which provides an easy way to manage articles/links. It also hotlinks pictures from sites such as Wikipedia and Flickr.

Oh noes, I've used Zemata in the past!:
There are no ex post facto bans in this instance.Members who have used Zemata in the past to hotlink pictures/post to the community/organize LJ links will not be subject to any moderator action. The OP of the example post linked above will also not get in trouble.

What will happen from now on?:
Posts with Zemata links or other evidence of the use of reblogging services will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be BANNED.

Why are the mods banning this?:
While the reblogging services help people with HTML, they also allow news organizations and bloggers to track who is posting their content or linking to their website. Not everyone agrees with us on the legal and ethical validity of sites such as ours to repost articles from elsewhere. Trust me on this, I'm a Journalism major. Fair use on the internet is often interpreted in a very narrow way, which leaves aggregators of information such as our community on the wrong side of the law. Many news organizations/bloggers are making the case for heavy regulation of reposting. This often comes in the form of fees and lawsuits if their wishes are not respected.

These services also provide an easy way to hotlink pictures, which is against the rules anyway. Unlike traditional hotlinking, it's much harder to spot in terms of HTML failures/the nasty yellow frog pic. At the same time, hotlinking allows photographers/stock image companies/news organizations to track who is using their content.

This ban on reblogging apps/software is a preemptive and defensive strike on a potentially major issue.
The mods are doing this so that the community can prevent these type of complaints as much as possible.

But Bluetooth, no one has ever complained about this stuff!:
This is not a paranoid conspiracy theory. First of all, a fellow member brought it to mod attention that Zemata had the potential to be used by journalists to trackback links. We haven't had yet a significant complaint directed against the community for reposting, but we've had a few close calls. For example, several weeks ago, we (along with ONTD_Feminism and ONTD) were accused of stealing content by blogger Womanist Musings. The complaint was later dropped, but what matters is that it was made in the first place. ONTD was nearly taken to court over the posting of photographs. There have also been complaints leveled against the community in the past for using copyrighted pictures.

Reblogging apps/sites make it even easier for these types of complaints to become legitimate threats to the community survival.

I use third party applications to post to LJ. I don't want to get in trouble!:

We are not banning the use of LJ clients to post. We are only banning clients that remember content beyond copy, paste, and basic formatting. If your client shows recommends similar articles or images to post , then you are using the kind of application that's not allowed any more.

Any other questions ONTD_P? If not, a naked Matt Smith thanks you for your undivided attention:


ETA 2: Based on comments to this post, revisions to this rule are being discussed. There are no changes being made to general posting policy at this time.
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