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Anti-Gay Bullying Stories

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The Southern Poverty Law Center has produced a documentary Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case that Made History, as part of their Teaching Tolerance Program for Schools. They are looking for individual stories about anti-gay harassment and/or violence that someone has witnessed to use in a companion piece to this film.
From their website:

Send Us Your Stories About Anti-Gay Bullying:


This is the type of organization I like to support. Yeah, they let you know the kind of crap that racial, ethnic and religious minorities, GLBT, disabled, migrant workers and other disenfranchised groups experience, but they do more than that. They take action. Sue the crap out of the Klan, gay bashers, companies that exploit migrant workers and all their work is done pro bono. Any damages go to the victims. Where criminal penalties often fail to be levied at the perps, they succeed in getting some measure of justice for those whose rights are often overlooked. 

They produce educational programs which are given free to schools to address the problems of prejudice through their Teaching Tolerance materials. Previous kits have covered the Holocaust, the rights of migrant workers, the fight to end segregation and living in a diverse society . 

Information on how to submit your story is at their website (see link above).
Tags: discrimination, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities

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