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Internet "kill switch" proposed for US

"A new US Senate Bill would grant the President far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of, or even shut down, portions of the internet.

The legislation says that companies such as broadband providers, search engines or software firms that the US Government selects "shall immediately comply with any emergency measure or action developed" by the Department of Homeland Security. Anyone failing to comply would be fined.

That emergency authority would allow the Federal Government to "preserve those networks and assets and our country and protect our people," Joe Lieberman, the primary sponsor of the measure and the chairman of the Homeland Security committee, told reporters on Thursday. Lieberman is an independent senator from Connecticut who meets with the Democrats."

Is anyone else seriously creeped the fuck out by this??? I mean, combine it with the plans being kicked about to allow the government to take control of any and all media (combine the information that can be found here and by googling around some more..... for some high octane paranoia fuel)

Tags: censorship, fail, internet/net neutrality/piracy, joe lieberman, wtf

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