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Rasmussen: Colorado has highest percentage of Tea Partiers

According to a series of surveys from Rasmussen Reports, Colorado has a greater percentage of voters who consider themselves members of the "Tea Party" movement than any other state. 33% of likely voters surveyed in Colorado in April claimed to be a part of the right-wing movement. That's two points higher than Alabama and Kentucky, where Senate candidate Rand Paul recently shocked the Republican establishment by riding Tea Party support to landslide victory in the GOP primaries.

The states with the lowest rate of Tea Party association were Hawaii, North Dakota and Vermont.

In Colorado, Tea Party-backed candidates have overcome poor name recognition and lackluster fundraising to turn Republican Senate and gubernatorial primaries into competitive races.
The Colorado Republican and Democratic parties will choose their nominees in August.

Sauce: HuffPo

I shouldn't be surprised, as Colorado used to be a stronghold for the KKK and has an alarmingly high number of hate groups sprinkled throughout it. Not all of Colorado is like Boulder and Denver, sadly.
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