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Money most important thing for Elton John

Elton John played a gig in Israel last week after refusing to bow to pressure to pull out.

Other artists such as The Pixies and Elvis Costello scrapped gigs over the country's raid on a Gaza aid ship, which killed nine people.

Costello cancelled two planned gigs in Tel Aviv on June 30th and July 1st, saying it was "a matter of instinct and conscience".

John, 63, resisted calls by pro-Palestinian activists to cancel the concert, telling almost 50,000 fans in Tel Aviv: "Ain't gonna stop me from coming here, baby."

He added: "Musicians spread love and peace, and bring people together. That's what we do. We don't cherry-pick our conscience."

The Tel Aviv gig follows another controversial concert by the star, as he recently earned $1 million for playing at the wedding of American gay rights opponent Rush Limbaugh.

John has not commented on why he played the gig, but his civil partner David Furnish said he wanted to "build bridges" with those whose opinions he disagrees with.

Source: Pink News

Not particularly surprising, considering the man played at Rush Limbaugh's wedding, of all people. I already disliked him (mainly for his staying in the closet during the time when it would have actually meant something politically for him to come out, instead leaving it to others to do the hard work and waiting until it was nice and safe, deciding he's some sort of gay icon when he's done nothing to earn it - WTFever, Reg)retracted, as he came out earlier than I thought - ty laerwen , but he just keeps giving me more and more reasons.
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