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Detroit ex-Mayor/Fuckup Kwame Kilpatrick Indicted

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been indicted on federal fraud and tax charges.Federal prosecutors said the alleged scheme is related to the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, a tax-exempt fund that was supposed to pay for voter education and other purposes.The FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office said they have been investigating the former mayor for several years.In 2008, Local 4Defenders broke the story that the two were part of a group of as many as 25 people being federally investigated for city corruption involving missing money, kickbacks and bribes.Local 4 has learned that Detroit businessman and former Cobo Center contractor Karl Kado said in sworn statements that he not only paid Bernard Kilpatrick nearly $300,000 but also paid Kwame Kilpatrick more than $100,000 in illegal cash payments and his aide, Derrick Miller was paid $20,000.The allegations were made in sworn statements that are part of a wide-ranging corruption probe.Kado pleaded guilty to making false statements on his tax returns. He was sentenced to three years probation for his cooperation in the city hall corruption probe.

The charges and specific nature of the charges against the Kilpatricks have not been disclosed.Earlier this month, the FBI subpoenaed a 60-minute videotape of Kwame Kilpatrick's 2001 mayoral debate from WXYZ-TV.It's not clear what the government was looking for, but on the tape, one question focuses on the Kilpatrick Civic Fund, which is a nonprofit organization.The fund is believed to be a target in the probe against Kwame Kilpatrick.

Members Of Kilpatrick's Inner Circle Go Down

In recent months, the federal investigation has moved in on the Kilpatricks' inner circle. From childhood friends, former city hall officials and business associates, the federal government has indicted several people who worked closely with the Kilpatricks on bribery-related charges.Kwame Kilpatrick's childhood friends Kandia and DeDan Milton pleaded guilty to bribery-related charges.Kandia Milton, who served as an executive assistant to Kwame Kilpatrick, was indicted on bribery and extortion charges stemming from deals including the sale of a city-owned camp to the Chaldean Catholic Church.Milton's brother Kandia Milton and former police officer Jerry Rivers separately pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the case.Detroit businessman Rayford W. Jackson, an associate of Bernard Kilpatrick, is serving a 5-year jail sentence for conspiracy to commit bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds.Jackson and Grand Rapid’s businessman James Rosendall Jr. bribed former Detroit City Councilwoman Monica Conyers with money and other items, in return for voting in favor of a wastewater treatment contract between Synagro Technologies and the city of Detroit.In secretly videotaped conversation with FBI, Rosendall, who became an FBI informant said that Bernard Kilpatrick was receiving consulting payments totaling $45,000 a month while his son was mayor.

Where Are The Kilpatricks now?
Bernard Kilpatrick is living in Southlake, Texas with his son's family.Kwame Kilpatrick is serving a 14-month to five-year prison sentence for probation violation at the Oaks Correctional Facility in Manistee, Mich.Wayne County Judge David Groner sentenced Kilpatrick May 25 for violating probation in two 2008 criminal cases stemming from lies Kilpatrick told under oath during a 2007 whistleblowers' lawsuit trial.He served 99 days in county jail and was ordered to repay Detroit $1 million in restitution. He wound up behind bars again last month after Groner determined he failed to adequately report his assets and turn over certain financial records.Groner ruled he could be released after a minimum of 14 months.Stay with Local 4 News and for breaking information on this developing story.


First an earthquake and now this?
Your neighbours across the river in Windsor are major side-eying you Kwame.

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