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Neil Cavuto called an "asshole" on live tv

Economist Ron Blackwell calls Neil Cavuto an asshole after Cavuto sarcastically asks if Blackwell got his degree from a "baking school".


Ron Blackwell: Why don't you let me finish my thought.

Neil Cavuto: You never answer a basic question.

Ron Blackwell: I'm answering you right now.

Neil Cavuto: Why will spending work?

Ron Blackwell: These programs created jobs but not net creation. we lost more jobs because of the recession than were created by these programs.

Neil Cavuto: Wait a minute, Ron, you're the chief economist there. Where did you get your degree? A baking school? Where are you cooking up these numbers?

Ron Blackwell: Oh that's an insult. You're a joker. You're an asshole.

video with more of the interview
The Huffington Post write up and source of the transcript
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