victoria_raptor (evelynwordsmyth) wrote in ontd_political,

More BP To Hate

Have you seen the latest BP commercials starring this guy? I do not envy his work position right now.

Tony Kennon, mayor of Orange Beach, Alabama is angry at BP's point man in the Gulf for making promises that he hasn't kept.

Darryl Willis, who has been put in charge of the claims process by BP, appears in millions of dollars worth of BP ads, pledging to to stay in the Gulf until the spill is cleaned up. "BP has got to make things right, and that's why we're here," Willis says in the commercial.

But Kennon isn't a fan. "I've been in a meeting with Mr. Willis where he made promises and didn't follow through," he told ABC's Robin Roberts

"Didn't even show the courtesy to return phone calls," Kennon complained. "The ads are a lie with statistics. They're not doing anything like they're saying or promote through these ads."

According to Kennon, BP doesn't need a multi-million dollar ad campaign. "I keep saying, they can save themselves $50 million just by doing the right thing. If they did that, we would be, by far, their best promo. We would send their praises to high heaven if they did the right thing."


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