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France warned of political interference in Cup debacle

Football's world governing body FIFA has urged the French government to exercise caution in an inquiry into the country's failed World Cup campaign.

FIFA secretary-general Jerome Valcke, a Frenchman, has confirmed that a message has been sent to the French government reminding it of statutes forbidding political interference in football associations.

Speaking in Johannesburg, Valcke reiterated FIFA's view that the autonomy of the sporting movement must be respected.

"There can't be political interference. They can meet and discuss," he said.

"They can ask for apologies from the different people involved, but definitely I told them that they need to be very careful because any time there is interference, FIFA will react as for any other country in the world."

In the last two years, Iraq and Kenya have been suspended from international competetition after governments sacked or replaced personnel from their mational football associations, but no European country has ever been subjected to such action.

The football world is watching to see whether FIFA would really be prepared to take the same kind of action against a major European power which held the World Cup as recently as 1998 as it has done with countries from the game's Third World.

Reports from France say senior player Thierry Henry went straight to see president Nicolas Sarkozy when he landed in Paris after his team's disastrous and acrimonious exit from South Africa 2010.

Les Bleus' captain Patrice Evra has confirmed that other players will be interviewed by politicians investigating the failed campaign and the controversial expulsion from the squad of star forward Nicolas Anelka after he insulted coach Raymond Domenech in a dressing room argument.

The rest of the squad refused to train at their next scheduled session as a protest over the French Football Federation action, but that protest also drew sharp criticism from fans in France.

Mr Sarkozy has taken a direct interest in the matter, along with prime minister Francois Fillon and sports minister Roselyne Bachelot.



This is a political post, relevant to the interests of this community, and not at all a shameless excuse to celebrate some Sunday afternoon football with glorious Argentina. Additionally no spamming with pictures of hot footballers, we don't engage in that kind of debauchery. ;)


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