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Artists to protest at Tate’s BP party today

The Tate is throwing a gala event in order to celebrate 20 years of BP sponsorship later today, according to a leaked invitation seen by the campaign group Platform.

A group of artists calling themselves The Good Crude Britannia, who want Tate to cut its ties with BP, will picket tonight’s party.

They come together to speak out against oil industry sponsorship of the arts in “Licence to Spill“, a new briefing being launched by Platform last week.

Tate’s five-year sponsorship deal with BP is up for renewal in spring 2011, and sources within Tate suggest the controversial issue of BP’s sponsorship will be on the agenda for the first time at the upcoming trustees’ meeting in July.

There has been growing activism in the UK against BP’s sponsorship of arts in the UK.

Last month, Liberate Tate disrupted Tate Modern’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

This week, Rising Tide and Art Not Oil targeted the BP Portrait Award ceremony at the National Portrait Gallery and Greenpeace mounted an alternative exhibition to coincide with the private view.

The magazine Don’t Panic also filmed their own protest against a BP event last week (video below)

Jane Trowell of Platform said:
BP is trying to repair its tarnished reputation and buy our approval by associating itself with culturally important institutions like Tate. The financial support provided by BP creates a perception of it being a cuddly corporate entity, and aims to distract us from the devastating environmental and social impacts of its global operations.

Public outrage over the Deepwater Horizon spill is creating a moment for change. We hope that, as happened with the tobacco industry, it will soon come to be seen as socially unacceptable for cultural institutions to accept funding from Big Oil
A letter has been published in the Guardian today by artists protesting against the BP sponsorship.

Source: Liberal Conspiracy

OP's note: Remember this post, and how the consensus seemed to be that it was BS? Link #4 is a video of it - turns out it was for real.
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