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afa_mom definitely should invest in these....

Even Solomon had a goodie bag — at least that’s the theory from the folks at Book22.com.

Kevin and Joy Wilson are a Christian couple who have been married for more than 14 years. But the Bible Thumpers from Bend, Oregon made national headlines last week after news of the sex toy business became a Hot Topic of Debate on The View Thursday.

The Wilsons market a line of “Sin Free” adult thingamajigs for married Christians. That’s right, now the Born-Again and righteous can get their moan on with everything for Ben-Wa Balls to double-headed dildos without dousing themselves with Holy Water beforehand. They’re even vibrators and warming massage oils up for grabs.

It all comes courtesy of the website Book22.com. Kevin and Joy promise that God-fearing freaks won’t spontaneously combust for patronizing their business — just as long as they are married.

The Wilsons write: “It is our company’s policy that the products we sell be purchased for married couples only….We have prayed every step of the way for guidance on what products to offer on this site. The Special Order page and many of the products we sell came about by couples sharing their hearts and issues with us. We found that we were naive about different peoples sexual hurdles and impairments. Elderly and disabled couples have been open with us on what they would like to see us offer and it has really changed our view of what is okay in the marriage bed. We take a lot of pride in running this business and work as unto the Lord each day….”

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Article SOURCE isn't that holy
If you want to be scarred for life, visit the actual site

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