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Tory and “praisers of Nazi”

The British conservatives risk to become allies of neo-fascists

The partner of Conservative party of Great Britain in Euro Parliament - the Latvian nationalist party «to Fatherland and Freedom» (Tevzemei un Brivibai) - carries on negotiations for consolidation with the Latvian neo-fascist party «All for Latvia» (“Visu Latvijai”).

At the moment the party «to Fatherland and Freedom» carries on negotiations for formation of the united list for participation in autumn elections in Seim of Latvia with party «All for Latvia».

Nowadays already the ex-head British the Ministry of Foreign Affairs David Milibend
in the beginning of this year at conference of the British labourites has spoken with sharp criticism to conservatives.

“It makes me sick from new confederates of Tory in the European parliament, who participate in actions in honour of Latvian Waffen SS, - was declared by the minister, having noticed that he means the Latvian party« to Fatherland and Freedom ».

Let's notice that Tory and «Fatherlanders» (it is how members «to Fatherland and Freedom» in Latvia are being called) together enter into group of conservatives and reformists of EuroParliament.

And now the situation can become for Tory even more sad. The matter is that the possible partner «to Fatherland and Freedom» - party «All for Latvia» are the outright neo-fascists professing the slogan «Latvia for Latvians» and achieving departure of Russians from the country. Members «All for Latvia» are one of the basic inspirers of processions of the former members of a legion «Waffen SS» on March, 16th.

Elita Vejdemane the assistant to editor-in-chief “Neatkariga rita avize” ( Independent morning newspaper) writes about possible scandal and its influence:

"Party" to Fatherland and Freedom »still should make decision to go on elections together with« All for Latvia »or not. And it is scary because once «Fatherlanders» have already got a kick up the rear: not so long ago their leader Robert Zile, addressing to the congress of conservative party of Great Britain (Tory) tried to deny words of labourites about Latvia and his party.

Zile have invited to the congress as the partner Tory in EuroParliament on the European fraction of conservatives and reformists. Well and so, the Minister for Foreign Affairs from labourites David Milibend has declared that English conservatives co-operate with “praisers of Nazi”, namely party which takes part in actions on March, 16th.

Zile told where to get off: „I was most of all surprised with that such attacks go from outside the western democratic party. I expected something similar from Moscow or the Kremlin more likely that from time to time and occurs.”

And though Zile kept as a hard nut to crack, in any case there are concerns that foreign partners can not understand a coquetry «Fatherlanders» with «All for Latvia», therefore it was so important to keep to the moderate nationalism. But how it can be made, creating pre-election consolidation with «All for Latvia» which represents uncompromising nationalism?»

Consolidation of “Fatherlanders” and neo-fascists from« All for Latvia » for joint participation in elections most likely will take place. To the Latvian nationalists it is absolutely indifferent that Europeans will think of them.

After all Latvia have already accepted in the NATO and EU, therefore nationalists especially do not reflect on the image. Well, British Tory become partners of neo-fascists », - Sergey Malahovsky, the member of the Latvian antifascist committee, has commented on a situation to" the Voice of Russia ».

It is interesting, how in case of consolidation «to Fatherland and freedom» with «All for Latvia» the British conservatives will explain to the voters why they are on friendly terms with neo-fascists?

Translation made from the internet-source http://rus.ruvr.ru/2010/06/10/9481172.html

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