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Brewer's beheading claim questioned

Arizona GOP Gov. Jan Brewer claimed recently that law enforcement has been finding beheaded bodies in the desert — but local agencies say they've never encountered such a case.

"Our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert either buried or just lying out there that have been beheaded," Brewer said Sunday, suggesting that the beheadings were part of increased violence along the border.

But medical examiners from six of Arizona's counties — four of which border Mexico — tell the Arizona Guardian that they've never encountered an immigration-related crime in which the victim's head was cut off.

A spokesman for the governor did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Brewer's beheading claim is the latest in a series of comments to come under fire.

Last week, Brewer claimed that a majority of illegal immigrants are "drug mules" being used to smuggle narcotics into the country.

The claim was widely disputed, including by Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), and received national mocking by media outlets and in liberal circles.

Brewer was also caught this month incorrectly claiming that her father died "fighting the Nazi regime in Germany."

Her father, in fact, died in 1955 in California and worked in a munitions plant during the war.

Brewer blamed the Nazi claim on the media, stating that reporters "pathetically" embellished her comments.

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