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Riot police use rubber bullets on Belfast protesters

Riot police in Northern Ireland fired rubber bullets to quell rioting in west Belfast over the weekend, injuring several people.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland's ombudsman is investigating officers' use of the "non-lethal rounds" on Saturday night during clashes between riot police and a 100-strong crowd at Broadway roundabout near the M1.

Police responding to reports of disturbances there were showered with stones and petrol bombs, lightly injuring six officers.

Police fired rubber bullets that injured several citizens including two teenage boys.

A 16-year-old boy is in a stable condition at the Royal Hospital in Belfast.

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said that people "purporting to be from so-called dissident groups" had reportedly egged on nationalist teenagers.

Mr Adams said: "The people in this area want an end to this trouble and I echo this sentiment."

Breandan MacCionnaith of socialist republican party Eirigi said: "Seventeen people have died as a direct result of the use of rubber bullets in the six counties - they should be banned."

Source: Morning Star

I'm with MacCionnaith on this... if "non-lethal" means "only sometimes so" then they're unsuitable for that purpose and shouldn't be used (see also: tasers).
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