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Any more ~scandals~ & the CBC will produce a soap opera about the Canadian Forces.

Allegations topple Canada’s top commander in Haiti

OTTAWA—The most senior ranking Canadian military officer in Haiti has been relieved of command and is the subject of an internal investigation.
Col. Bernard Ouellette, who doubles as the chief of staff to the United Nations mission in the earthquake-battered country, is facing several allegations — including that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship.

A spokesman for Canada’s overseas command refused to discuss the allegations, saying an investigation was underway by the chain of command, but that Lt.-Gen. Marc Lessard decided it was best for morale of the small team to relieve Ouellette.
Lt.-Col. Chris Lemay, a spokesman for CEFCOM, would only say the allegation of an inappropriate relationship did not involve another member of the Canadian military.

Ouellette, who won praise for his cool handling of Canada’s relief effort following the massive earthquake that destroyed UN headquarters in Port au Prince, was at the end of a year-long deployment to Haiti and was relieved on June 26.

The latest case comes as the military continues to investigate Brig.-Gen. Daniel Menard, who was stripped of command in Afghanistan for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a female subordinate.
Lemay says Ouellette’s firing was not made public when it happened because he is considered a staff officer and Menard had a more high-profile public role. 


This is getting a bit ridiculous. You have to wonder how much removing those in charge affects the mission...hopefully since he was at the end of his deployment, not too much. I'm curious as to what the other allegations are though...

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