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PRIDE PotD: July 9, 2010.

Final Picspam Installment of international Pride events:

Caracas | Cologne | London

Pride Caracas, Venezuela 2010

Ashly (R), Miss GLBT (Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) International, poses for a picture during the annual gay pride parade in Caracas July 4, 2010.

REUTERS | Carlos Garcia Rawlins

Christopher Street Day Parade, Cologne, Germany 2010

Participants of the Christopher Street Day (CSD) gay pride parade celebrate in Cologne, western Germany on July 4, 2010. Thousands of gays and lesbians marched through the streets of Cologne to demonstrate for equality and social acceptability.


Pride London 2010, England

A participant dressed as a queen takes part in the annual Pride London Parade which highlights issues of the gay, lesbian and transgender community, in London July 3, 2010.

REUTERS | Paul Hackett

Pride London 2010 (cont'd)

Pride London 2010 (cont'd): photos/captions by rex_dart

The towheaded bloke in the middle is Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, surprisingly not appearing on a bicycle.

Tesco [employees are] pretty awesome.

The Royal Navy.

The Royal Army.

The Royal Air Force.

Shortly after these photos were taken the British military collapsed entirely. Shouldn't have asked or told, guys.

Pensioners. :')

The major difference between London Pride and every other parade is the major difference between London and every other city: the presence of big red buses.

I wish some guy's fucking HEAD hadn't gotten in my most adorable photo.

Emo kids: sometimes they actually ARE as gay as they look.

The English girl next to me was like "OH MY GOD LOOK CHEERLEADERS." They are apparently more exciting to Europeans, idk.

Vital information for your everyday life.

I loved these guys.

My inner Crowley was laughing and laughing.

The Queen of Hearts was very popular. And too cute, really.

Gay footballers. File under awesome film ideas slightly more likely to happen.

Gay runners! They would stop for a few minutes every so often, then have a race to catch up with the rest of the parade.

Truth be told idk what the fuck was going on here except that it was so British I had to quash the uneasy feeling that I was about to be colonized.

Shortly after this photo was taken this gentleman flew to the moon.

You betta fucking WERK.

Gay marching band. File this under films I'm not particularly keen on seeing but would not refuse were they offered.

Maybe someone can explain this banner to me because I liked it, but I didn't understand what the fuck it was supposed to mean. Aside from you go Slavians.


I will never be able to take shag seriously as a word.

Part of the group protesting in favor of asylum rights for gay refugees.


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