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Followup to old story - No Punishment for cop found guilty of lying about assaulting bicyclist

Remember this?

Ex-Officer Avoids Jail Time in Arrest of Times Square Bicyclist

A former New York City police officer convicted of lying about a confrontation with a bicyclist in Times Square was given a conditional discharge on Wednesday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The former officer, Patrick Pogan, had faced up to four years in prison, but will avoid any time behind bars. He also will not be placed on probation.

In April, a jury found Mr. Pogan guilty of filing a criminal complaint that contained false statements concerning a 2008 collision with Christopher Long, who was participating in a Critical Mass bike ride. Mr. Pogan’s complaint alleged that Mr. Long knocked him to the ground by intentionally steering his bicycle into him. But video footage of the episode, which was a viral presence on the Internet, showed that Mr. Pogan remained on his feet, while Mr. Long flew to the pavement.

Mr. Pogan was acquitted of falsifying the initial arrest report filed against Mr. Long. The jury also acquitted Mr. Pogan of a less serious charge of assault.

Mr. Pogan, who was on the job for less than two weeks when the collision occurred, resigned from the police force. Because he was convicted of a felony, he would not be allowed to attempt to rejoin the Police Department.
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