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The BNP Crusaders are here!

Ever since I signed up on the British National Party website to harangue someone linking to my blog, I’ve had the pleasure of irregularly having all the latest missives from the Fuhrer himself, Nick Griffin, arrive in my inbox.

Here’s the opening paragraphs of the most recent example:
As predicted, the only outcome of the election is that one set of self-serving crooks has replaced another, and our country continues its decline and disintegration. It is time we reflected on the terrible future that awaits our country, our children and grand-children.

If the politicians and the media have their way, our country will be totally overrun by the masses of the Third-World, we will be ruled from Brussels, we will be a despised, second-class minority in our own homeland.

Is that the future you want for your children? Will you regret it when it is too late and you wished you would have joined the British Resistance when you had the chance?
They’ve decided at this inauspicious moment to relaunch the Young BNP, not to be confused obviously with a group with a somewhat similar name which was fairly massive in the 30s and 40s in a certain foreign nation.

Perhaps because of the connotations with that other youth organisation, as well as journalists infiltrating the grouping, the group has been renamed and is now aimed at the slightly older 18 to 30 market.

For those imagining this might be an exercise in encouraging the master race to procreate in a Club 18-30 style, you’ll probably be disappointed.

No, it seems the most exciting antics the BNP Crusaders, as they will be known from now on, involve themselves in is that old hardy perennial, fancy dress, of naturally, the war-time variety.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

The entire ethos of the group seems to be based around having good, wholesome, clean fun. Griffin introduces them as such:
The BNP Crusaders is a group of 18-30 year old BNP activists. We prove that there is more to the British National Party than just politics, with social gatherings arranged all year round. From trips to theme parks to just simple get togethers and nights out, the Crusaders do it all.
From trips to theme parks to simple get togethers and nights out! The whole spectrum of youth interaction covered! There is of course more to the BNP than just politics; it isn’t just a party, it’s a way of life.

It doesn’t help that Griffin comes across as the slightly creepy uncle in his introduction to the Crusaders, nor that his description of the Crusaders’ leader, Joey Smith, is cringe-inducing:
The leader of the BNP Crusaders is BNP activist and super-star Joey Smith (pictured right). “The BNP Crusaders is a great idea and I look forward to working with my new team, and meeting lots of new members and activists. We have already had a few outings and I look forward to seeing you all on future ones.”

Thankfully, super-star Joey is quite the dish, not too dissimilar to heart-throb Robert Pattinson. In fact, they both share another similarity, Pattinson portraying the oppressed minority of vampires in the wider community in the Twilight films, while Smith is from the heavily discriminated against and ignored young white male demographic.

As if you couldn’t have guessed, the choice of Crusaders is meant as a “homage to our ancestors from the middle ages who saved Christian Europe from the onslaught of Islam”, which shows the BNP’s usual level of historical literacy.

Quite what they’re crusading against in our modern times however is unclear.

With almost unabashed racism back in fashion on the front pages of the Daily Star and Daily Express, it could be a good time for those on the far-right to try and create youth groups with some real influence, highly organised and dedicated to the cause.

Thankfully, the BNP Crusaders isn’t it, and frankly the likes of the Bullingdon are almost certainly more dangerous. They’d also be more likely to be the ones goose-stepping down the high street, sieg heiling their hearts out.

Compared to the English Defence League, a genuinely dangerous organisation with the potential to incite riots, with links to hooligan firms and which is far more attractive to those with actual radical views, the choice between the two couldn’t be any plainer. Got to laugh though, haven’t you?

Source: Liberal Conspiracy
OP Note: I knew that guy in the second picture looked familiar - just realised where from. A while back he made an unbelievably crap and petty response to "Fuck You" by Lily Allen. Enjoy!
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