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Left-wing journalist assassinated on his doorstep

Journalist Investigating Siemens Scandal was Killed

The director of Theme 98.9 radio station and Troktiko e-blog Sokratis Golias was shot pointblank outside his home in the Athens suburb Iliupolis at 5.20 am this morning. Golias is a longtime associate of the famous journalist Makis Triandafilopoulos. He was arrested 6 months ago on charges of defamation. He claimed in his blog that another associate of Triandafilopoulos, George Psaras was CEO of the company Telepassport through which, it is believed, the black cash money of Siemens were transferred. Then it turned out that this is a coincidence of surnames. George Psaras sued Golias and he was arrested again early in the morning and taken from his home to the prosecutor. Then the police confiscated and the Troktiko blog computers.

It is not clear yet whether the murder of Sokratis Golias has something to do with the Siemens scandal. The police are still investigating the motives for the murder. The wife of the journalist is shocked and unable to testify. The victim is the father of a 2-year-old child.

The murderers were two or three and were disguised as policemen. They knocked on the front door, saying that someone tried to steal the car and motorcycle of the journalist. When Sokratis Golias opened the door, they fired five bullets in him. Death occurred instantly. The murder is covered by the Security Service in Attiki and the Anti-Terrorist Office.

Source 1. The source above is one of the few reports in English I could find. An article in Italian here gives more information, including that the police have moved on to considering organised crime, rather than terrorist groups, hence the anti-terror office is no longer involved. As a campaigning leftist journalist, Golias was subject to regular death threats. The Italian article concludes with some fear-mongering speculation about armed anarchists out to murder journalists because of their collusion with capitalism. This is one of the less charming idiosyncrasies of Italian journalism.

If you don't know about the 2008 Siemens scandal, the Wikipedia entry is a quick overview; a Spiegel article is also interesting background, if a little dated.
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