Maree (ms_maree) wrote in ontd_political,

There is nothing to fear from the burqa

This is a cute story.

Sharing a joke cements our common humanity, dress sense be damned.

FORGES of Footscray closed its doors in the same week that France banned the burqa. This bargain mecca had become a heaving mass of thrifty humanity in all its multicultural glory.

Delicate Sri Lankan mothers with their hands full of children's clothes in velour. Gangly Sudanese youths with blue-black skin in caps and oversize jeans. Stooped Greek widows examining cut-price spencers.

Only five kilometres from Melbourne's CBD, and I am in the minority with my pale complexion, freckles, blonde hair and list of cheap items to tick off for my family.

Who am I to judge these women's motives for wearing the burqaCollapse )

Tags: australia, feminism, islam

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