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Has An Illegal Immigrant Taken Advantage Of You?

Tea Party Nation is asking its membership to tell the "true story about illegal immigration" and any abuses they've seen. In a new posting to members that is likely to make pro-immigration reform advocates cringe, Tea Party Nation asks about "The Horrors of Illegal Immigration."
They don't mean how illegal immigrants have been taken advantage of. Here's the pitch, in a message talking about President Obama's "regime" and the media's desire for amnesty:
If have been the victim of a crime by an illegal, or if your business has gone under because your competition uses illegals, or if you have lost your job to illegals, we want to know about it. If you have photos and videos of illegals or their supporters doing outrageous things (like burning the American flag or putting the Mexican flag above ours, or showing racist posters), please share those as well. We need to get the true story out about illegal immigration and we need your help to do it.
They set up a forum on their Web site, where tea party fans approved as members also can contribute.
It seems a counter-effort to what Tea Party Nation organizers call "stories about illegals who are just here 'to make a better life' for themselves. One example might be the recent ABC News series on "Illegal immigration in America," which put a real face on illegal immigrants and their struggle.

"The media is ignoring stories of the horrors if illegal immigration," Tea Party Nation organizers wrote. "We must stop illegal immigration. The future of our country, for our children and our grandchildren, depends on it."

As a member of Tea Party Nation, TPM scanned the stories on the forum. Here are two examples:
I have a friend whose nephew was stabbedin the heart and died because he insisted a drunken illegal move his car out of a driveway where it was parked illegally. The attack came without warning, and the victim was UNarmed. Welcome to America
where far too often we've become prey for these predators.
I have worked construction all my life, and now they are building an apartment building down the street from, and where as I used to be able to walk on a site and procure a job, this site is over run with mexican laborers doing the jobs that I used to do. They speak spanish, and they are most likely Illegals. . .
   Send them packing, I will work the fields if I have to. Any work is good work!

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