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Michael Steele is Such a Cool Boss! Even His Interns Share his Comedic Personality!

Michael Steele Is Having Interns Write Form Emails To Foreign Ambassadors

RNC Chairman Michael Steele is having his interns write emails -- generic, misspelled emails -- in an attempt to set up meetings with foreign ambassadors
, Politico reports.

The emails, strangely, were sent to the embassy's general inbox rather than to the high-level political aides of ambassadors.

[TPM SLIDESHOW: Michael Steele And The Interns]

Besides, as former RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson pointed out, what's the point of Steele meeting with ambassadors?

"They can't give any money and they can't vote," he said. "I don't know why you'd take time to do it."

A selection from the email:
As you know, the November election is just 103 days away and the Chairman would like to extend to you an invitation to sit down either at the RNC or at your embassy to discuss the upcoming 2010 midterm elections. ... With literally hundreds of congressional seats up for grabs in just under four months, Chairman Steel [sic] would love to have the opportunity to discuss the Party's outlook with you.
We already know Steele is close to his interns -- but couldn't he get them to spell his name right?

GOP puzzled as Michael Steele courts diplomats

The Republican National Committee is trying to set up meetings between Chairman Michael Steele and foreign ambassadors to the United States, according to an e-mail obtained by POLITICO — an effort that has puzzled diplomats as well as fellow Republicans.
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