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So how much of a crazy racist do you have to be to get fired by Andrew Breitbart? Meet this guy.

Meet Breitbart's Sherrod writer: Racist sexual "expert" and inventor (who cured cancer)

In two posts on Andrew Breitbart's BigGovernment website, Dr. Kevin Pezzi smears Shirley Sherrod as a racist, claiming that "if someone deserves to be put on a pedestal for overcoming racism, it isn't Sherrod." The racism criticism is ironic coming from Pezzi, who has repeatedly used racial epithets like "Japs" and "Chinks," and claimed Native and African Americans should have been grateful for their subjugation by whites.

Pezzi, who says that "Breitbart asked me to write for," has a peculiar self-described history. Pezzi claims to be responsible for "over 850 inventions" and schemes such as a "magic bullet" for cancer, a "robotic chef," and sexual inventions like "penile enlargement techniques" and "ways to tighten the vagina" (because "men like women with tight vaginas"). Pezzi has started multiple websites, from term paper helpers to a sexual help site that answers "your questions about sexual attraction, pleasure, performance, and libido" (Pezzi is qualified to do so because "No doctor in the world knows more about sexual pleasure than I do").

Pezzi also claims to have "beaten Bill Gates" on a math aptitude test, turned down a blind date with Katie Couric, and says he's "bigger than some porno stars."

Pezzi Facts (by Dr. Pezzi)

Dr. Kevin Pezzi is the most interesting man in the world -- according to Dr. Kevin Pezzi:

* "A government official once claimed that Dr. Pezzi achieved the highest score ever attained on an IQ test administered nationwide, although Pezzi dismisses this as disingenuous pandering."

* He has "information about a new cure" for cancer, which he "stumbled upon while reading an editorial and article in one of the many journals I read. The editor said there is good evidence that this new treatment works, and that it truly cures cancer -- not just temporarily treating it, as so many cancer therapies do. However, he lamented that the cure is being overlooked, which he felt stemmed from the fact that there isn't any way for pharmaceutical companies to profit from it."

* His "penis size went from embarrassingly small (at least to me) to bigger than some porno stars."

* He "declined an offer to go on a blind date with Katie Couric," because, in part, "my political beliefs would clash with Katie's well-known liberal bias" and "Katie's career will keep her in New York (or some similar megalopolis) for the indefinite future. I can't stand cities."

* "He has beaten Bill Gates, an acknowledged math and computer genius who is Chairman of Microsoft, Inc. and the richest man in the world, on a test of mathematical ability and logic."

* "A producer who won an Emmy for a blockbuster film contacted me because he is interested in turning one of my books into a movie or TV series." [Um, movies win Oscars. TV shows win Emmys, unless he's referring to a TV movie, which I've never heard anyone refer to as a "blockbuster."]

* "While a college student at Michigan State University, he once went into the wrong room to take a final exam. Even though he was not enrolled in the class, he scored 147 out of 150, easily the highest score achieved by any of the hundreds of students taking the test." [But not smart enough to realize he was taking the wrong test, and missing his actual final?]

* "As a sophomore in college, he decided that his future was in the CIA, not medicine, so he skipped most of organic chemistry. Three days before the final, he changed his mind, crammed, and received a 4.0 for the course."

* "In spite of seriously misjudging the optimal strategy for taking the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), he scored astronomically."

* "The first woman to read [Pezzi's The Science of Sex] book wrote to me to report that she obtained the most intense orgasm of her life after trying one of the new methods I discussed -- a method that I invented, so no one else has yet written about it. Even when I discuss topics that you might think are so old that nothing new could be said about them, I offer a new perspective. Take vibrators, for example."

Racist and incendiary writings

"Japs" and "Chinks." Pezzi repeatedly uses ethnic slurs to denounce Asians. On the problem of lead contamination in Chinese products, Pezzi wrote:

Unfortunately, the lead contamination problem is just the tip of the iceberg. China is our enemy, and they have more up their sleeve than just lead. We now know about some of the other hazards, but some won't be discovered for years, AFTER untold damage has been done. Then the Chinks will apologize to us, just like they always do, while they are secretly giving each other the high-five for a job well done as they celebrate the stupidity of Americans for being so blind to the war they're waging. Wake up, Americans. Stop buying made-in-China products. [emphasis added]

Pezzi also went on to complain about "Japs":

I am particularly offended by how Americans have repeatedly extended a hand a friendship, and a helping hand in time of need, to countless people around the world, only to later have them figuratively (and often literally) thrust a fist in our faces in return. If you are of Chinese heritage, you can thank your lucky stars that you weren't alive and living in China during World War 2. As I mentioned before, Japanese soldiers raped and murdered innumerable Chinese women -- even young girls! The Japs (or Nipponese, if you object to "Japs") had such a commanding lead over other nations in that region that they never could have recovered without being rescued by Allied Forces (90+% of which was American might).

Native-Americans. Pezzi claims that Native-Americans "should instead THANK US for giving them the freedom to benefit from our superior technology"

African-Americans. Pezzi writes of African Americans and slavery: "Yes, that is a great moral injustice, but it is easy to see how we helped the descendants of those slaves by bringing them to the United States"

Pezzi also claims that whites are more racially discriminated against than blacks, writing, "For every vestige of anti-black racism in USA at present, I could mention two ways in which whites are racially victimized by blacks or people favoring blacks"

Gays. In response to a question about whether the media has "lied" about the risk of heterosexuals getting AIDS, Pezzi writes:

Regarding the notion that heterosexuals should be shaking in their boots about AIDS, some people speculated that the media spread this myth to curry favor with homosexuals, or perhaps because the media seem to have taken it upon themselves to sanctify and champion the causes of anything dealing with homosexuality, homelessness, minorities, and women's rights. Homosexual men, of course, have good reason to fear AIDS. They also have good reason to make us believe that we're all at risk for this disease. Why? Because it makes it so much easier for them to get funding to support AIDS research.

Pezzi's countless inventions and schemes

Dr. Kevin Pezzi is a prolific inventor and website creator. Among his "over 850 inventions" and schemes are a "Cranberry Freshness Sorting Machine," a "Mosquito Motel" and an "Insect Inn" (because "not everyone likes staying in a motel"), and a guide to "penile enlargement techniques." According to his Big Government bio, his next big invention will be a "robotic chef" that works via touch screen.

Among his "sexual inventions" are "several ways to tighten the vagina," because "almost universally, men like women with tight vaginas." He complains about media outlets "sweeping problems" like "loose vaginas" "under the rug"

Pezzi is "currently developing a robotic device that will make you wonder if you've been teleported a century into the future."

Pezzi claims he may have found the "magic bullet" to cure cancer -- which he'll tell you about for "free"! Sorta: "This book is free if you have purchased at least $250 of products or services from me, or you have significantly helped market my books, at least one year prior to when you request it"

Pezzi's Astroturf enterprise

There appears to be a surprising number of online profiles by young women with a constant theme: they're obsessed with Kevin Pezzi and his books and hint that they'll talk to men on the internet -- but only if they buy Pezzi products. At least one of the women's profile pictures is a modified stock photo.

For instance, the Twitter account of Jennie_Sims476, a young woman, begins: "Reading a book by Dr. Kevin Pezzi called Science of Sex." In addition to "going to work" and "going for a run," Jennie_Sims476's life appears to be centered around on one Kevin Pezzi and finding people similarly interested in Pezzi:

The Science of Sex by Dr. Kevin Pezzi is one of my favorites I have just discovered.

I wish there were others out there like myself who enjoy Dr. Kevin Pezzi's books. I must be lone reader.

Has anyone read The Science of Sex?

I am on page 435. Want to join me? Any takers...yet??

I am stunned by what I'm learning from The Science of Sex, one of the best books I've ever read.

I am having a great time reading The Science of Sex, by a doc who is truly worth reading.

The MySpace account of "Lori" recommends Pezzi's books and winks, "Get this book and we can discuss it."

Similarly, the MySpace account of "Denise" writes of her love of Pezzi books and "If a guy wants to get to know me, I ask him to read the book first."


There's a lot more details and sources at the original link, but I wanted to pare it down to some of the more ridiculous and offensive portions.
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