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New Gaza flotilla footage casts doubt on MK's version of events aboard protest ship

Film appears to show Hanin Zuabi MK, who sailed aboard the Gaza-bound convoy, standing near activist armed with clubs.

By Haaretz Service

Footage of Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound released Wednesday appears to contradict the account of Knesset member on board one of the boats, who claimed she had not come into contact with armed activists.


"There were no people carrying clubs near me," Hanin Zuabi MK, from the Arab Balad party, had told a news conference following the May 31 raid, in which nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

But film published by Army Radio appears to show Zuabi standing in close proximity to a group of men carrying heavy sticks.

Zuabi had previously called on the Israel Defense Forces to release all of its video footage from the operation, which she said would prove her version of events.

Later in the clip Zuabi can be seen arguing with an IDF commando attempting to evacuate one of the wounded. According to Army Radio, Zuabi claimed she had cooperated with troops in helping to remove the wounded from the boat.

In mid-July the Knesset voted to revoke Zuabi's parliamentary privileges over her participation in the flotilla.

Before someone doubts the source because it's "Army radio", Galgalatz is actually left-wing.

WTF at the people arguing with doctors about evacuating the wounded.
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