Turi (turi) wrote in ontd_political,

Cross Dressing Karate


Ha? Yeah, Pops. Nip that gaiety in the ass, and get junior kicking some ass and karate-chopping some wood, all while listening to Eye of the motherfucking Tiger. That'll knock those show tunes out of his head and some sense into him. Other tips: Make him change the oil in your pickup, naked. And take him deer hunting, naked. Better yet, queer hunting. You and your drinking buds can go to a local Miami gay bar and show him how to pound the dust out of some fairies, who hopefully haven't taken martial arts classes at Key Biscayne's RDCA. Campaign by Miami ad agency Zubi.

Are these ads suggesting that you can cure the gay with karate lessons?
Or perhaps the parents have accepted junior's lot in life to be fierce and would prefer he have the mad flying kick skills to fight back the haters?

Tags: advertising

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