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Forever 21 security staff TACKLES AND CHOKES A DEAF SHOPPER they suspect of shoplifting

Shocking Video: Security Guards Tackle Deaf Shopper

HOLLYWOOD -- A video posted on YouTube which shows a violent arrest of a deaf man is sparking outrage.

The video allegedly shows security guards at the Forever 21 store on Hollywood Boulevard tackling and choking a deaf man after he failed to stop when an alarm (THAT HE COULDN'T HEAR) sounded as he exited the store.

His friend, who is also deaf, tries repeatedly to show the guard the receipt for the purchase (and tries to communicate using sign language), but he's not able to stop them from roughing up his friend.

LAPD officials identify the deaf male suspect as Alejandro Rea, and say merchandise from the store was found in his bag.

Rea was arrested and charged with robbery and shoplifting. He is being held in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility on $55,000 bail.

Link to article and YouTube video

My dad is deaf. This scares the shit out of me but at the same time? If anyone EVER tried to choke out my 58 year old father because they suspected him of shoplifting? I'd start kicking them in the face until they let him go.

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