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Compromise reached on new Louisiana abortion law requiring ultrasounds

BATON ROUGE, La. -- A group of abortion clinics has dropped its challenge of a Louisiana abortion law that requires ultrasound exams for all women getting abortions, after working out an agreement with the state health department.

The agreement was approved by a federal judge on Wednesday.

The clinics had argued the ultrasound law was unconstitutionally vague because it didn't specify whether providers must force women to view or accept copies of their ultrasound.

The Department of Health and Hospitals agreed the law doesn't require a woman to receive the photograph -- but only requires the photograph be offered.

DHH also agreed to allow doctors to continue to perform abortions without giving patients copies of printed material required by the new law, until the department compiles and distributes the material.

Another portion of the lawsuit will continue, challenging a state law that bars medical malpractice coverage for doctors who perform elective abortions.

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