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Gender bias against a man in the Australian Election!

Poor Mr Abbott, it's so hard competing against a woman in the election, because women in Australia have never suffered discrimination ever. But this man who writes this opinion explains that being a women in Australian politics is good, because men get in trouble if they insult women based on their gender, and men get in trouble if they try to control women's fertility, so therefore women have the advantage in politics, or something. I got a little confused with the point.

In this opinion piece he also takes a potshot at the Labor Party for their insulation program, regarding the houses which were burnt down and some deaths, it's fair criticism. Although I'm not sure how it's misogyny if you are critical of that program. Umm.


Tony Abbott had only just appeared on ABC’s Q & A this week when a tweet appeared on screen: “Good evening Mr Rabbit”.

This preschool wit went out to about 840,000 viewers, about the same number as watched Julia Gillard on the same program the previous week. Would Aunty have posted an equivalent dumb-arse tweet about her? Something like “Good evening Ms Carrot”? No way. It sums up the gender bias in this election campaign.

Forget about womanhood being a disadvantage – it’s a huge plus for the lady who knifed her boss. Go easy on Julia because if you don’t, that’s misogyny. Don’t mention Julia’s non-marital status because that’s sexual discrimination. Don’t linger too long on the Carrot’s catastrophic blundering while she was Education Minister because, well, Julia’s so charming and smiley and besides, all those mistakes were made when she was the old fake Julia. And, while you should feel free to sneer at the way Rabbit jogs, don’t you dare mention the waddling Carrot because that’s unchivalrous.

But the Rabbit is such a safe target - he's a male politician and of course, a conservative, so it’s traditional. So he is “Mr Rabbit” (haw haw) and he (snicker) wears red budgie-smugglers and has those car-door ears - and he runs and cycles a lot. What a nut. And everyone knows he’s misogynist – even though he has a wife and three daughters who think he rocks. So it is open season on the Rabbit. Just dredge up anything you can find.

Blogger John Birmingham, for example, had an easy shot at Abbott a week ago with a piece headed "Tumbling Down the Mr Rabbit Hole" and saddled up again earlier this week with an entire think-piece based on one quote from the Rabbit: “Having a baby is at the heart of the real life of Australian women". That was “patronising and sexist”, decreed the Hamster, who headed his piece: “Whoops, Tony’s done it again.” Hamster claimed this was just Tony's usual “hamfistedness on matters of gender”. But simultaneously the women’s glossies were doing cartwheels over twin baby bumps for Princess Mary and the Hun was whooping over Natalie Bassingthwaighte’s new ‘‘baby joy’’. Imagine if the Carrot had two kids and gushed about babies and the ‘‘heart of womanhood’’ - the dog-whistle lefties would be dribbling with admiration. What a woman!

And what about Rabbit’s loopy views about morals and virginity. That really irks Liberal-hater Jill Singer who prefers to call him the Mad Monk: ‘‘That view on the value of female virginity (it's a gift, presumably for husbands) place him firmly in the mid-20th century,’’ sneered Ms Singer in the Murdoch press a few months back, ‘‘an era that continues to inspire wistful longing for a simpler life, solid moral values and tail-finned automobiles”. Yeah, can't have those (shudder) solid moral values! That was a weirdo era that Jill had been revisiting "courtesy of a boxed DVD set of Mad Men, the hit TV series focusing on 1960s advertising executives and their alpha-male lifestyles.”

Geddit? Mr Rabbit, the Mad Monk, is an alpha looney-tune. Except I can’t remember Rabbit and his mates burning down 120 houses, with four lives lost in the process, while running the sort of woefully inept administration you would expect from Mr Bean at the Rangoon town hall.


The comments at the source are so boring.
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