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Let Them Talk

Andrew Breitbart's Tea Bagging Buddies Heart Janelle Monae?!

Time to bring some of the ONTD back to ONTD_P:


Not much more can be said about the culturally ruinous effects of Lady Gaga. Never before has a “controversial” public persona been so contrived, derivative, and over-calculated. Every single move the woman makes is designed for one thing and one thing only: attention. Gaga (born Stefani Germanotta) is, quite literally, an Internet troll. She employs the same sort of shock-mongering that stars of yesteryear (Madonna, Michael Jackson) peddled to print and television, but her schtick is all about dominating new media: blogs, social networking, and celeb gossip websites. With multimillion dollar marketing firms behind her, she’s been extraordinarily successful, but there’s still hope. We can weather this cultural storm, but it will take courage and diligence. Anyone who’s spent any time on the Internet knows there’s only one way to stop a troll: starve it.

More Unexpected Stanning And GaGa Bashing Under The CutCollapse )

For once my fellow Republicans have good taste! Also, please feel free to stan, because this is why I posted the lulz to begin with!

Big Hollywood is completely serious. Read the comments for additional lulz and the regular right wing fail.
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