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Linda McMahon's campaign takes a chair to the head

New York Magazine: The Father of a Dead Wrestler Calls Linda McMahon a Liar
By: Avi Zenilman

When Linda McMahon first announced she was running as a candidate for Chris Dodd's old Senate seat, the assumption was that her association with the ball-kicking, roid-raging world of the WWE would world of the WWE would kneecap her campaign. Her campaign insisted it wouldn't, and, apart from those hallucinatory Taiwanese videos, she has been able to maintain kayfabe and act like her old job is a non-issue.But then, two weeks ago, a 29-year-old former WWE wrestler with a painkiller addiction named Lance "Cade" McNaught died of heart failure. He had previously criticized the WWE's see-no-evil steroid policy; after his death, McMahon said she couldn't be held responsible for what her former employees did outside the ring, and didn't remember McNaught — she "might" have met him once, she said.
Enter Harley McNaught, Lance's dad."I've been with him on two different WWE functions where she came up to him and knew him by name," he said in an interview published in today's edition of The Day . "She disrespected him ... She disrespected my family."

There is nothing new about the allegations that the McMahons have turned a blind eye to rampant drug use; credible accusations of moral callousness are easy to fend away. But now, she has to deal with a much bigger political problem: a possible petty lie and an angry father.

It looks like the antics of the wrestlers in the ring aren't going to be the problem for McMahon.  It will be how she and her family have run things outside of the ring that will be.  Daily Kos is certainly making a big deal about McNaught's death.

P.S. Mods, we might need a Linda McMahon tag.

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